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Working with Cornerstone is different from any real estate experience you have had in the past and it is our aim to exceed any experience you may have in the future. You could describe our company with a list of qualifications or company closing statistics – but that tells you nothing about why we do what we do- the most important way to get to know us.

We sell because home ownership is an accomplishment, and we like to treat it just as that. We sell because we get to see, on a daily basis, the power that this decision has on the lives of our clients and the people around them. It builds people up.

We see home ownership as an achievement- and it’s actually one that changes lives

What changes when someone buys a home?



Cornerstone Releases 2018 Market Report

If you’re planning to sell a home in 2018, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Stockton has a shortage of homes to purchase and rent. Currently, Stockton has ranked as the country's 4th hottest real estate market in the U.S; There is presently only 1.6 months of inventory with no real housing relief in sight....


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