My relationship with real estate began when I was twenty-two. Little did I know, what started as a treasure hunt for additional investments turned into a lifetime of passion for the industry. This passion motivates me to offer my clients the same exciting and profitable experience that I’ve had in the process of buying and selling homes.

So, I ventured out with my wife Kathleen, left a comfortable corporate job, and opened our company, Cornerstone Real Estate Group, in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Starting a business is a lot like ice skating for the first time. You will fall a lot, and you’ll land pretty hard, but if you pick yourself back up, eventually you’ll glide over the ice. Because of our 28 years of experience, and having represented over one thousand different clients, we are able to guide our clients through various ups and downs in the real estate market. It’s what we love most about our job.

Having survived four recessions and one great recession in 2008, our focus is to use the knowledge that we have acquired through such experiences to ensure our client’s success. I am confident that we can provide and serve you with the best care we have to offer. Let me teach you how to ice-skate.